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16Ch AHD 1080p Package 2 with AHD/TVI/CVI DVR
Item code
Selling Price
3 Months
Installment Term
For As Low As
₱ 20,611.41 / months

Metrobank Card Holder Walk-in Customer only
₱ 20,783.34 / months

BDO Card Holder Walk-in Customer only
Brand New
24 months on Camera/DVR
6 months Power Supply
14x AHD-GZ-BMS1080P3W iR Bullet Camera
2x AHD-GZ-BMS1080P3W iR Bullet Camera[PROMO XVI 7+1 FREE]
32x BNC Crimp 5C Connector
16x DC Male Connector
1 Roll OPTIMA Pro Premium Siamese Cable 305m
1x Centralized Power Supply 12V 30A
8Ch AHD 1080p Package 31 with AHD/TVI/CV…

PhP 37,670.00

8Ch AHD 1080p Package 49 with AHD/TVI/CV…

PhP 36,150.00

8Ch XVI 1080p Package 6 with AHD/TVI DVR…

PhP 27,690.00

iWatchYou AHD-GZ-DMS1080P3S AHD iR Dome…

PhP 3,280.00
PhP 2,890.00

16Ch D1 Package 4-2 [700 TV Lines]

PhP 56,829.00

8Ch AHD 1080p Package 36 with AHD/TVI/CV…

PhP 37,320.00

8Ch 960H Analog Package 10

PhP 34,028.00

16Ch XVI 1080p Package 7 with AHD/TVI DV…

PhP 53,080.00

16Ch XVI 1080p Package 10 with AHD/TVI D…

PhP 51,890.00

8Ch XVI 720p Package 4 with AHD/TVI/CVI …

PhP 23,790.00

24Ch IPC Non-PoE NVR 1080p Package 58

PhP 172,619.50

4Ch AHD 1080p Package 1

PhP 18,581.00
PhP 16,445.00

Mono Audio Adapter [3.5mm P to RCAJ]

PhP 35.00
PhP 25.00

8Ch IPC with 2K PoN NVR 1080p Package 4

PhP 47,457.00

4Ch XVI 1080p Package 6 with AHD/TVI DVR

PhP 15,229.00

24Ch IPC Non-PoE NVR 1080p Package 47 - …

PhP 139,335.50

16Ch XVI 1080p Package 18 with Lite Hybr…

PhP 52,305.00

4Ch AHD 1080p Package 15

PhP 24,072.00
PhP 21,290.00

24Ch IPC NVR 1080p Package 23

PhP 106,314.75

4Ch XVI 1080p Package 14 with AHD/TVI DV…

PhP 25,618.00

4Ch HD-SDI Package 3

PhP 14,885.00

16Ch XVI 1080p Package 19 with Lite Hybr…

PhP 53,301.00

24Ch IPC Non-PoE NVR 1080p Package 6

PhP 149,487.00

16Ch XVI 1080p Package 23 with Lite Hybr…

PhP 54,711.00

16Ch XVI 1080p Package 17 with Lite Hybr…

PhP 52,803.00

24Ch IPC Non-PoE NVR 1080p Package 30

PhP 167,489.50

iWatchYou OPT-HD1080P04LT 4-Channel AHD…

PhP 4,190.00

4Ch XVI 1080p Package 2 with AHD/TVI DVR

PhP 16,520.00

BNC Plug [BNC Crimp-Type Connector]

PhP 35.00
PhP 25.00

8Ch AHD 1080p Package 7 with AHD/TVI/CVI…

PhP 27,800.00

Wall Mount Bracket for CCTV Dome Securit…

PhP 460.00

4 Layers DVR Rack Compatible for AT and…

PhP 9,990.00

Metal Ceilling Mount Bracket for CCTV PT…

PhP 1,850.00

iWatchYou AHD-GZ-BMS1080P3W AHD Bullet …

PhP 2,890.00

16Ch XVI 1080p Package 31 with AHD/TVI D…

PhP 55,708.00

4Ch NVR Package 2

PhP 14,778.00

16Ch XVI 1080p Package 1 with Lite Hybri…

PhP 51,807.00

8Ch IPC PoN NVR 1080p Package 6

PhP 49,756.00

24Ch IPC Non-PoE NVR 1080p Package 53

PhP 160,269.50

8Ch AHD 1080p Package 28 with AHD/TVI/CV…

PhP 30,820.00

24Ch IPC NVR 1080p Package 17

PhP 147,676.50

24Ch IPC Non-PoE NVR 1080p Package 48

PhP 205,109.50

4Ch AHD 1080p Package 48 with AHD/TVI/CV…

PhP 19,787.00

iWatchYou AHD-GT-DSS1080PE AHD Dome Cam…

PhP 2,560.00

8Ch IPC Non-PoE NVR 1080p Package 22

PhP 67,635.50

16Ch AHD 1080p Package 44 with AHD/TVI/C…

PhP 72,456.00

4Ch 960H Analog Package 25

PhP 21,730.00

8Ch AHD 1080p Package 10 with AHD/TVI/CV…

PhP 29,170.00

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