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Title: "Heavy Metal Christmas Lights Show Would Make Slayer Proud"[video]
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"Heavy Metal Christmas Lights Show Would Make Slayer


Each winter season, there's several standard ways you can dress up your house in festive decorations. Maybe you simply want to hang a wreath on your front door or buy a few strands of Christmas lights for your roof. Or, you could animate an entire series of Christmas lights to your favorite heavy metal music, complete with a demonic-looking snowman.

As seen on The Loop, that's exactly what this metalhead did, going as far to record his holiday tributes to Slayer, Machinehead and all-female Canadian quartet Kittie on his daughter's YouTube account. It's not Christmas music, but it works quite well regardless. At the very least, we imagine that this house is quite popular with the neighbors.

Granted, this light show isn't quite as elaborate as more expensive ones from some other notable homes, but the improvement from this house is nonetheless impressive. Not only is the entire thing captured in crisp HD, but the snowman to right of the house is actually lip-syncing in time with the music. Talk about fine attention to detail.

If you want to remake your own holiday decorations into a crowd-gathering light show, just about any computerized lighting controller should do the trick. As long as you have enough lights and free time, your entire music catalog is ripe for the picking. Just make sure that you warn people before you start breaking out the Mastodon CDs.


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