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Promotional Event

2010-06-03 : 433 Hit

Upgrade and modification for a package

1) I have a Pentium4 Desktop to upgrade.:

CPU: Pentium4 Northwood 2.8GHz -> E7500
M/B: Gigabyte 8PE800 -> ASROCK G41C-VS
Memory: DDR PC3200(200MHz) 512MB *2 -> DDR3 2MB

Let me buy parts for this.

2) I'll purchase 3 orders for:

"BRAND NEW Intel Pentium DUAL CORE E5400 2.7GHz Wolfdale ASROCK G31M-S with Rise PC Case with 2 Years Warranty on Processor and Motherboard with FREE Speaker/Keyboard/Mouse"

Here, let me have samsung multi odd and 16inch LCD monitor for each order.
And, upgrade the case w/ better-looking one.
1 PC will use leftover CPU, M/B, Memory from "1)."
It means 1 PC will not have CPU, M/B, Memory while 2 PCs will have.

Let me know the cost for my purchase ASAP.
many thanks,

Daniel Kim 0929 550 3467 / Baguio City / sangyub,

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